T.N.F. (Trance Never Fades)"

    • For the 300th release of Discover, we wanted to have a release that summed up everythng that Discover Records is about and has been about for the last 18 years.

      For us, It’s about looking forward not backwards, whilst using one of our new breed of producers who we felt encapsulated the sound and ethos.

      Semper T. did exactly that.

      T.N.F. (Trance Never Fades) is the epitome of what we love.

      As you would expect, it is built around a strong backbone of bass and percussion, merging melodies and counter melodies into the perfect arrangement that builds and drops in all the right places.

      So, happy birthday to us! And thank you Semper T. for providing the perfect soundtrack…

    • Release Date: 2022/03/18

    • Label: Discover Records (UK)

    • This release contains:                                                                                –  (Original Mix)