• The sensational ‚Serenade‘ is the second Sundance Recordings release from Trance stunner, Semper T.

    The Original mix brings a nostalgic bass line with growing, warming leads building to a sensational climax with larger-than-life synths. A truly euphoric experience for Sundance Recordings.

    On the remix duty, the Vietnamese Producer/DJ Khoa Tran delivers an explosive remix that doubles up on the euphoria of the original while still retaining its classic Trance character. Slowly building from a classic hands-in the-air breakdown, tease the listener into a brilliantly uplifting drop with ambient, airy synths meshing his styles beautifully.

    Sundance Recordings proudly presents the Semper T. and Khoa Tran mixes of ‚Serenade‘.

  • Release Date: 2021/09/17

  • Label: Sundance Recordings

    • This release contains 4 Versions:  

       – Original Mix

       – Radio Mix

      – Khoa Tran Intro Mix

      – Khoa Tran Remix