"Creeping Shadows"

  • Ultima Audio presents its 3rd release, with the song ‚Creeping Shadows‘ produced by Semper T. from Germany; including original mix and one remix by our man, Cyril Ryaz.

    A huge energy is released by the original mix since its first beat, a powerful baseline which is mainly leading the initial progression. When the breakdown comes, a short gap filled with beauty and peace appears with a beautiful melody. But the gap doesn’t last too much, and the energy is back soon enough to surround us into the wildness of the uplift. After gathering tons of tension, the sound explodes, and the baseline finally meets the whole melody!

  • Release Date: 2018/06/05

  • Label: Ultima Audio

  • This release contains 2 versions:  

     – Original Mix

     – Cyril Ryaz Remix

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